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The first two flavours Purely Pesto began producing were Basil and Sundried Tomato. Inspired by fresh Italian pesto, Gavin set out to produce a fresh version for the British shelves! Replacing pine nuts with cashew nuts and olive oil with rapeseed oil the Purely Pesto recipe was created. The result, a fresh, rustic, textured pesto!


Realising how popular a fresh pesto was, and not wanting to leave other herbs out: coriander, rocket, sage, parsley, tarragon and peashoot pesto recipes were soon created. All with their unique flavours that a fresh herb brings. Pesto is so versatile, it compliments such a variety of food.. so get trying and add a spoon to your meat, fish and veggie creations!


And if you want an easy nibble, pasta pesto with your favourite flavour will always be a hit!


We hope you enjoy the range! We’d love to hear your recipe ideas!


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